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09 December 2011

Cei mai creativi brazi de Craciun


Cei mai creativi brazi de Craciun


                                                                                        Video Tape Christmas Tree




                                                                                                   Pet   Christmas Tree-acest copac a fost asezat in fata la

Matriz Church in Guararema


                                                                                                                Tire Christmas Tree


 Christmas edition of Zedomax (Link)


Pac-Man Christmas tree

 Sushi Christmas tree -Japonia (Link)


 Upside-down Christmas tree ! (Link)


Swarovski Christmas Tree(Link)


 Hard Drive Christmas Tree! (Link)


 Huge environmentally friendly Christmas tree. (Link)


This Christmas tree is an Eco version designed by Australian graphic designers Buro North.. (Link)


Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan.

A beer-bottle Christmas tree.(Link)


 Sydney, Australia (Link)


 Christmas Potato tree  (Link)

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