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16 December 2015

Wigsbuy 2015 New Short Hairstyle Wigs for Christmas Sales Online

Have you  noticed that hair extensions and wigs are big right now? More than ever, you see them everywhere. 
It`s actually a trend and no more a necesity.
And most of the young girls tried at least once, clip on extensions or candy colour wigs, didn`t they?

Have you ever noticed that most of the movie stars have beautiful long hair? Is it easy to have long and nice hair when you have a team of stylists around you at any moment?

 I once saw a documentary "behind the scene" about how hard the life of a star really is. But what I remember from that documentary me, but I was deeply surprised when, after a show, the actress starts to take off hair pieces. And what is so strange, you ask?
 Well, she started to take off parts that I did not know that existed. For example, a portion (I thought it was a wig) was on top of the head, which is exactly the area that gives hair volume.
 So I discovered that extensions are not only used to make your hair look longer. As an example, did you see that there are extensions bangs? So if you want bangs but do not want to cut your hair and you don` want to take the time ti style your bangs, the problem is solved with a small extension with clip on!

How and why I started wearing extensions

The first extensions that I had tried on, were ponytails. Easy to use and to wear. They look like this:

Later I tried clip on extensions, which are more functional for several reasons. I've never used microring extensions or keratin, because I have very thin and sensitive hair, so in my case it's not recommended. So, the clip on hair extensions can be used  only when you feel like it.

They help:

  • make your hair longer;
  • make your hair seem thicker;
  • be creative: choose any colour you`d like

Wigs Types:

  • Normal human/synteticWigs ;
  • Lace wigs;
  • Parts;

Extensions Types:

  • with keratin, 
  • with microring 
  • with tape, 
  • clip on extensions
  • type fabric (sewn).

Hair used:

  • synthetic hair;
  • natural hair.

I strongly recommand natural hair extensions. I`m sure we can find very good synthetic extensions, but there are definitely a few drawbacks. For example, I bought myself a few years ago a ponytail (a very long and very expensive ponytail) that I never wore it because it was so heavy, that actually hurt my hair :)). Natural hair is lighter. In addition, natural hair can be dyed, curled or straightened, strand, styled. But, synthetic hair can last longer than natural hair, as the last one can be more sensitive (especially the dyed / bleached)

I tend to wear my extensions only on special occasions extensions. I would love to wear them every day, but it seems too much effort. My hair grows really hard and I think not even in 10 years it would not reach the length that I want. In addition, it`s not very thick and even hair styling does not do much. Therefore, the extensions seem a reasonable and affordable solution.
Below is a photo gallery with some interesting  wig / extensions / hair pieces to make an impression on they look .
There are many options for you out there: you can choose 2015 New Short Hairstyle Wigs  and extensions made from human hair, or syntetic hair. I would strongly recomand the human hair because they will give you the freedom to style and also change the colour if needed. But if you only want to see a radical change, and maybe choose some vivid colours or highlights to your hair, you might want to try the syntetic ones. On the other hand, many syntetic extensions feel havier than human hair.
Here are some Short Hair Wigs  I would try for a change:
Now that we talked about extensions, let`s see some great human hair wigs:

If you are a cosplayer who wants to look like your favourite movie star, or just want to see how another colour would look like, you may need more than a hair dye. If you have dark hair, but want to became a blonde, exensions will only get you so far. You must admit that you need a full hair wig. 
Check out the offer for Christmas: http://shop.wigsbuy.com/s/Christmas-28/
I also have a blonde long wig and a black wavy one. I don`t really get to wear them much. But I really like them and I used to try them on first, before changing again my hair colour.

So, are you thinking about a new hair colour or style? Have you decided which is best for you: full wigs or extensions?
Here are some great Short Wigs For Women on Wigsbuy that you might really like:
Check them out here:


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  1. Wigs have become a part of life. I also wear it only on special occasions and I really like wigs made of 100% real human hair. It can be heated ,curled or straightened, strand, styled. But we also need to take care of your wigs as we take care of our own hair.


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