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17 December 2015

Have a cocktail. And a dress

What is a cocktail dress and when should you wear it?

The cocktail dress is the apparel you should wear to a semi-formal event. Like a semi-formal Prom, Wedding or any other special occasion.
The cocktail dress was also known in the late 19th century to be a "late afternoon" dress. But historically, the cocktail dress used to be much longer and less brighter. In the 20th century the perfect example of cocktail dress was The Little Black Dress.
Did you know that Christian Dior was the first one to use the term "cocktail dress", describing the dress worn to the before dinner event?

As you can see, the Cocktail dress has a very unique history.
When choosing a cocktail dress, the season of the event is the key.

Summer Events

For Summer events, the colours and patterns should be bright.  All the pastel colours are suited, as floral patterns and light prints.
Let`s see some good examples (you can check out more here:

Autumn/ Winter Event

For this type of event, you should choose black, gray, crimson, dark blue and dark brown dress.
If you choose one of these colours, you don`t have to worry about being under or overdressed. The Little Black Dress is a perfect choice. Let`s see some nice Autumn/Winter Cocktail Dresses (you can check out more dresses here: http://www.promtimes.co.uk/prom-cocktail-dresses/black-prom-cocktail-dresses.html

The lenght of the dress is usually decided by the nature of the event, but you should also consider your age and your body type. It is very common mistake to believe that Cocktail Dresses are supposed to be short dresses. This is wrong. Cocktail dresses can be short, mid-length, or tea lenght.

The price of the dress is not a issue, as cocktail dresses can be really cheap, if you do smart shopping. A budget friendly shop is PromTimes.co.uk and you can check out their under $50 Cocktail Dresses here: http://www.promtimes.co.uk/prom-cocktail-dresses/cocktail-dresses-uk-under-50.html

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