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13 May 2016

Bering: Classic Design Watches that Never Go Out of Style

Bering Watches are designed to stand the test of time. They have a minimalistic outlook, still playing with the details as the colour or the material of the bracelet.
They are conceived to live for ever, not only by being a classic beauty, but also because of the use of durable materials as high-tech ceramic, sapphire glass crystals, titanium and surgical stainless steel.

Beauty is not complicated

Bering Watches are inspired by the Artic, therefor their classic shapes and colours. Nevertheless, there is something so new, modern and appealing about their design.

A classic watch is like art

 You never get tired or bored of wearing these watches.
A stylish woman will notice that Bering watches go well with any outfit. They stand out, without shadowing or overwhelming other jewelry pieces.

A watch is more than a jewelry

The watch has this magic power of combining modern technology with beauty and style in one piece of gorgeous jewelry.
Sometimes, a watch can cost as much as a car. Or it can be a piece of your family history. It can be a piece of memory that you cherish.
It is usefull and decorative at the same time.
Very often,  they tell a story about their owner.

How much does beauty cost?

How much are you willing to spend on fashion?
Most people are ready to spend a fortune to have a piece of valuable watch. Even now-days, a good quality watch is a social status statement. So most people asume that a good watch must be an expensive watch.
Breaking the rules of common expectation, Bering watches are meat to be affortable. They go for a market value of $100-$200, also aknologing the social responsability for the things they stand for.
Beauty must be preserved. Being inspired in their design by the calm fo the Artic, Bering partenerd with Polar Bears International with the "time to care" campaign.

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Black Beauty: click here

Black goes well with everything, no matter the ocassion. Did you know that the proper etiquette to wear a watch is by matching it to your shoes?
So, if you wear sport shoes, a casual watch is recomanded.

Princess White click here

White is also an elegant and stylish choice. It is almost exclusively atribuated to women`s wear and it can go from smart chic to elegant very easy.
Sport watches tend to be wearable day in and day out, even at work or office. Thin and elegant watches are named dress watches and you can wear them at special events.

Pretty Pink

Girly and cute: that`s my jam. Love the bracelet and the pretty overall look. Great for young women. 

Stilish Blue

This is the kind of watch that can be an office kind of accesory for a woman or just as great, for an elegant man. They way it just goes with everything just made me love it.

Golden Dream

Golden watches have been the stars of the latest years until now. They are so easy to match with golden pieces as rings and bracelets. 

Silver Night

That is the perfect shade of silver. This one looks to me like a formal watch, perfect for special events as weddings, formal dinners, opera and theater performances, and other formal events.

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  1. Sunt superbe toate desi preturile nu sunt la indemana oricui dar merita. Il tii o viata poate. Imi place in mod special ultimul cel argintiu


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