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27 May 2016

4 Lace Dresses That Will Never go out of Style (from Chicuu)

If you are looking for stylish dresses for special occasions or just trying to look great on daily bases, you might want to try something with lace.
Lace is always pretty, feminine, cute, but most important, stylish.

Chicuu is a go to shop for creative, unique designs. So, if you are looking for something different, you might want to check it out. Right now they have great sales and you can benefit from a 35% off just by signing up. By the way, they offer free shipping, so that`s really great.
You can acces the code by clicking here:

It is only availible between 13th May and 15th August, so you can really save some money for your Summer wardrobe, starting now.

On Chicuu you can also find gorgeous statement necklace, accesories, fancy shoes and a great deal of cosmetics. I myself enjoy to shop when I can easily find everything I`m interested with in one place.

But I`ve saved the best part of Chicuu for last, that being  that they have a Bonus Point Programm, so just by sharing your favourite items, you`ll get points that you can use on your next order.
Every share gets 10 points and every review 20 points. One points equals 1 cent. That`s really a good deal, isn`t it?

Every thing is pretty cheap and cute, but lace dresses made it to my wishlist:

 floral red lace dress

This lovely red dress is availible in european sizes, too! I just love the slim fit cut and the heart shaped detail on the top. I don`t own a red lace dress jet, so this might be the one for me.
I`m not decided jet, because there is also this gorgeous piece:
 Lace red sleeves dress

So this one looks to me somehow more elegant than the previous one, because of the short sleeves and the neck line. It is also availible on black, but the read one is more appealing to me. Can`t really decide between these two, because I kind of love them both. What do you think?

The next one on my list is beautiful black lace piece:

 Black lace dress

This item is amazing: I love the corsette-like top and the pretty and baby-doll like bottom. Believe it or not, this one costs only $18.99. Pretty tempting, right?

More apropriae for this cold and rainy late Spring are long sleeves dresses. And lace sleeves are the best. Just check out this blue lace dress:
 Blue long sleeves lace dress

The bottom looks like a tutu skirt, but the top is so chic, with the backless lacey back. This one is definitely a special occasion dress. Pefect for a cocktail event. And yes, it`s so cheap that you can call it a steal: $23.39

If you like my wishlist, feel free to visit and find more great dresses online and don`t forget to take advantage of the Bonus Point Programm before you order!

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  1. Wonderful selection!
    Love them all!
    wish you a fab weekend!

  2. such beautiful dresses!

  3. Gorgeous! I love laced dresses. So classy and elegant :) The red options here are so beautiful.

    Laura xo


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