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21 March 2014

Radiant Orchid: 2014 Collection on DressV

I have been showing  to you, my lovely readers some of my favourite prom dresses or special occasion dresses for a while now.
But I think some of you still can`t decide. It is pretty difficult, too! There are so many beautiful items, so many shades and fabrics!
I know one of your main concerns is the price. You don`t want to spend a fortune, but still enjoy custom tailoring and good quality. My recomandation is DressV. They have great reviews about their dresses and also about their services. Don`t belive me? Just google it!
And now, they have a new great collection for 2014. Did you know that the 2014 colour is radiant orchid, or as we me know it: purpely-pink.
As you can see, the radiant orchid is such a vivid colour, full of joy and youth, classy and chic. Check this dresses out!

Isn`t this gorgeous? As it happens, this is one of my favourite colours, too!

Or you could try something more dearing, mixing it up a little. Just like this dress!
This is one of the dresses I like the most from this new collection. It`s simply stunning! And this colour looks fantastic on this dress!
But you might prefer a more classical style, like this simple, jet delightful dress:
Another great ideea, if you think that this colour is too strong for your features, is to try a brilliant ideea: mixt it with black or white, like this:
I was telling you that the dress above was one of my favourite. That`s because, this one, for me, it`s just prefect! I just love the waist purple-pink spot on the black dress and the perfect ratio of details. This might be the dress I must really have this year.
So, tell me, what is your favourite? And will be wearing radiant orchid this year?

Don`t forget to check out all the great 2014 prom dresses collection! 
Go here: http://www.dressv.com/prom-dresses-2014-c103441/

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  1. These purple dresses are gorgeous, I loved the first one
    Keep in touch

  2. wow <3 toate sunt superbe <3
    nu as putea alege :D

  3. These dresses are amazing. I love it ;)



  4. Ce drăguță este a patra rochie! :D


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