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10 March 2014

Cum obtineti haine gratis de pe Ericdress

Am mai scris de cateva ori despre Ericdress: www.ericdress.com. In general aici gasiti o colectie frumoasa de rochii de ocazie si accesorii, dar si articole de imbracaminte, bijuterii, pantofi sau genti ieftine si dragute.
puteti vizita site-ul aici, ca sa va faceti o impresie despre ce puteti gasi.
Oferta de care va vorbeam este totusi adresata celor care sunt deja clienti si au comandat deja macar o data pe site (sau daca ati castigat vreodata ceva de la ei).
Deci daca aveti vreun produs de pe Ericdress, faceti o poza, spuneti-va parerea despre acel produs si veti primi $10 (garantat)!
Iata detaliile si mai jos va arat cam ce ati putea cumpara de cei $10:

Do you remeber Ericdress? They are an international online shop where you can find many beautiful occasion dresses but not only! Jewellery, bags, shoes and other accesories but also different categories of clothes. Very Cheap! You should take a look here!
For custumers, they have a great new opportunity. You only have to take a picture weith items from Ericdress and write your opinion and you will receive $10. Here are the steps you have to follow and than some items you might want to get using thoese $10:

Email at : mystyle@ericdress.com with the following details/ Trimiteti un email pe adresa: mystyle@ericdress.com cu urmatoarele informatii:
Name: ..........
Country: ......................
State/Province: ........................
The product I won/received:................ (link)
Reviews about the product: .............................(2-3 sentences)
Photos: attachements

And here are some items under $10 :




I also love this dress, even if it`s over $10:
You can use the $10 as a discount for a larger order, or just buy somenthing under $10. Go here: http://www.ericdress.com/show-style.html

Please vizit this page for more details:

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  1. Great post....


  2. multumim frumos , ca te gandesti la noi, si ne inveti lucruri bune si utile :)

  3. Chiar nu stiam ca iti poti lua haine gratis :D:D:D

    Am comandat si eu de aici, am scris ceva despre ei http://madalinliviu.ro/ericdress-com-haine-din-china-experiente-si-pareri/


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