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06 March 2014


I don`t know why, but lately I have been feeling nostalgic. So I was just looking through some old photos and found one picture with me wearing a red dress, that used to love so much.
I must say that I`m not to glamorous type, I usually go for more simple dresses, and this Ball-Gown dress was my first.
I remember feeling like a princess in that dress. Maybe that`s why these last weeks I`ve been searching for a special occasion dress, one for the ages :)
I was thinking that many of you, are preparing for the prom (only a few months left), graduation or any other special event in your life, and maybe you need a great dress, too!
That`s why I wanted to show you some of my finds.
Looking back, the red dress was perfect for that day, so I was thinking to show you some great red dresses.
I know the price might be an issue, because local stores always sell overpriced dresses. So I have been looking for beautiful dresses but accessibile, never the less.
My favourite shop right now : JenJen House  because they have custom made-dresses and a tailoring time 10-12 days +5-6 days for shipping.
Here are some styles you might like:
The Mermaid dress
The Mermaid dress is perfect for a confident young woman, that isn`t affraid of the spotlight. This is the kind of dress that will flatter your shilhuette. It`s perfect for prom, weddings, and other special occasion. This dress is also on sale right now.

The Asimetrical Dress
The Asimetrical Dress has been the star of the dresses for a while now. It is special and chic and a great choice for spring and summer events.

The Ball-Gown Dress
This is a stylish, glamorous, vintage and luxurious dress. It is perfect for a masquerad ball or a winter ball.

The Little Red Dress
Classy and simple? This is a dress you can wear for so many different occasions. It`a great office party dress, V-day dress, birthday party dress or Christmas party dress.

Do you like a red dress? Take a look at all the dresses and new arrivals, here!
Go: http://www.jenjenhouse.com/Prom-Dresses-c18/new-arrival/

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  1. I love the asimetrical one! It's great :) xo

  2. So beautiful selection!
    I love them all!

  3. amazing pics....


  4. Lovely red dresses ^^


  5. Nothing beats a good red dress! You know a study was done where a gorgeous woman walked down the street in a white dress... then again in a red dress... while wearing the white she turned about 40% of mens heads.... in the red she turned over 80%!!!!

    Red is a strong and sexy color and your dress looked gorgeous! xx


  6. ador rosul mai ales la rochii <3
    toate sunt superbe!!!

  7. Loooving the red ;) Stunning colour ;)

  8. you look stunning darling :))


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