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13 December 2013

How to choose shoes for Christmas and New Year`s Eve

Very often, in my dreams, I`m finding myself in a big, unexpensive woman`s shop and I`m trying every pair of shoes I can find. Usually I`m waking up before I get to choose my favourite pair. 
Does that happen to you? Are you a shoe-addict?
I`ve recently received my latest ordered: a new pair of shoes and beige boots, but now I realise that I just need more. As it`s allready December, I`m preparing myself for the Christmas day and the New Year`s Eve party, so I`m looking for some great shoes for the occasion.
And of course, I found a great online shop, with cheap, jet gorgeous shoes, that made it easy for me. 
For the Christmas day, I would go for red and maybe some glittery details. And I found these great high-heels, that made my day:

I really can`t decide which one is the best. Red always says Christmas, but beige is also wonderful. The details on the heels and the base of the shoe are simply gorgeous! You can find all kind of elegant shoes with great details in the Prom Shoes Category. You decide what suits you most!
I also found these Pumps to be very creative:
As you can see, the upper part is detachable so you can wear them as simple shoes, or transform them in boots. And you won`t believe the great price they have! And being red, they go very well for the Christmas party (as boots) and for the New Year`s Eve (as elegant shoes). Genius idea!
I am also especially drawn to aimal  printed shoes. I know it`s a bold choice and I`ve actually never worn shoes like that, but the New Year`s Eve is the right time for new resolutions, for a more daring fashion style. So, Leopard Shoes would really be the must have item for me:
Would you wear statement shoes like these?
Shoes have always been my thing and the great discounts on the site made me very interested. But for Christmas they have an 85% off not only on shoes, but also on dresses and jewellery, too. Winter Outwer begings at $15,99 and 2014 Collection Evening Dresses are up to 90% off. So, as you can see, great discounts this winter! If you are shoe shopping, as I am, you must- just must, take a look at the evening dresses (for the New Year`s Eve, of course).  
The shop is ERICDRESS and I`m pretty sure you`re going to love it!
Go to: http://www.ericdress.com/


  1. Just like you I live red shoes for winter, specially those with glitter..
    I am going to check out online shop now
    Happy Weekend
    Keep in touch,

  2. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  3. Roşu rămâne roşu, întotdeauna o alegere perfectă! ♥
    Eu mi-am luat în toamna asta o pereche de botine roşii, pe care abia aştept să le port ♥

    1. Sa stii ca mi-ai creat o obsesie noua. Tocmai am realizat ca nu am mai avut ceva de incaltat rosu din copilarie (cand ma uitam la Vrajitorul din Oz). Deci e cam obligatoriu sa ies la cumparaturi :D

  4. parca nu sunt sarbatori daca nu port ceva rosu ,indiferent daca sunt pantofi ,haine sau accesorii

  5. Mie imi plac cei "tigrati".
    Si au si tocul destul de ok


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