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02 September 2016

Charms Bracelets from #TINYSAND JEWELRY

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Are you a big fan of the charms bracelets? If you have been thinking about some new charms for Fall, you don`t need to worry about the price, because I`ve found for you the best deals online.
TINYSAND JEWELRY is the best way to go, since they offer you new collections for every occasion, where you can find 925 Sterling Silver, beautiful gifts for friends and family, as well as best gifts for lover, personalized charms, or pretty beads for Christmas that would make a nice suprize for your friends and family Christmas Stocking.
Too early to think about the Christmas Gifts? How about an unique birthstone (August- December) for your loved ones? You can choose from Cubic Zirconia, Red Magic Bubble or Murano Glass beads that are amazing.
There are weekly deals up to 80%, clearance sale going on and you can also benefit from the extra 5% off if you subscribe.
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Murano Glass beads are the best way to add some colour to your bracelet.
Did you know that Murano Glass is a special technique to develope glass made on the Venetian island of Murano? The colours are obtained by adding small parts of minerals, oxides and chemical derivates to the glass powder. This technique may be as old as the 1st century BC.
The Murano Glass objects were believed to have magical powers because of the mineral added to it and was not only apreciated for its beauty, but was also worn as protective charm.

This is why a Muran Glass charm should be also choosen by your birthstone. But if you are not the superstitios type, you can still admit that the Murano Glass jewelry is unique and beautiful.

925 Sterling Silver

Through history, Silver was considered to be a sacre metal, its latin name being argentum. It was belived to have a connection to the Moon Goddess and to the water. Some of this is actually true. Did you that silver is often used to  purify the water, as it has antibacterian properties? Silver is also associeted with love spells, emotions and dreams.
It is said that silver should always be worn with gems, because it has the property to make a better connection between the owner and the stone`s magical effects.
Silver has also the power to balance all the Chakras.  Silver was also asocieted with the women, being a feminine energy. 

Silver can also be connected with Christmas, because Silver is also a symbol of health and abundance. It can also be the protector of the family. In some stories, Santa Claus`s sleigh can be heard by children because of the silver bells, announcing his arrival.
Knowing all these, you can easily see why silver jewelry would really be an appropriate gift for Christmas.

What is your favourite charm? Let me know in a comment below!
Feel free to check out the great offers on Tinysand.com!

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  1. They are so beatiful!!!
    Love them,

  2. They look lovely!

    Happy Friday Doll! Kisses,

  3. I've actually never had a charm bracelet, but maybe it's time to get one! Thank you so much for sharing this brand with us, their jewellery is beautiful!

    xo, Esther


  4. Lovely bracelets. Kisses!


  5. Foarte frumoase charm-urile! Imi poti spune te rog la ce posta ajunge comanda si daca ai avut vreo problema cu faptul ca sunt bijuterii( mai ales argint)?

    1. Ajunge la Posta Vamala, dar depinde si de metoda de transport. Daca alegi prin curier, ajunge la usa, presupun.
      Ca sa nu ai probleme la posta vamala, cere in casuta de comentarii sa iti puna o valoare mai mica pe colet. Oricum majoritatea it vor pune pe colet o valoare mica, pentru ca stiu deja de problemele de la vama.

  6. those bracelets are utterly beautiful. I do like all the charms! The beads are also wonderful. It is great how one can combine charms to create a personalized bracelet.


  7. ador charm-uril cu sticla de murano in special pe cele in culoarea albastru marin. Apreciez mult aceasta recomandare de magazin pentru ca au preturi mai mult decat ok.

  8. Great Bracelets, the looks so shining ^^ Wonderful Choice!
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    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥

  9. Amazing jewerly!

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  10. Really it's a so beautiful, love them, Thanks for sharing. More Info:sterling silver pendants

  11. Very useful post. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. Really its great article. Keep it up. bracelets

  12. I never understand the importance of using a chakra jewelry
    I bought chakra jewelry just for testing. And I was amazed by the quality, the material and with the shape. I never ever have seen so good quality one till now. This was best for me!


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