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17 June 2016

5 Awesome Dresses for Beach from FashionMia

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I have been browsing online lately for some beach essentials and it just came to me, that I haven`t bought any maxi dresses jet this summer.
If you already have the swimwear, the hat and the right sandals, you must think about the dress for the long night walks on the beach.
The favourite styles for this year seem to be floral, pastel and white blends.
On FashionMia you`ll find some great sale right now on dresses, so you might want to check them out. The mint green one I`ve ordered last year and it`s really great.
There are cheap dresses that are up to 90% off.
Here is my top 5 maxi dresses for beach:

A great beach outfit must be light, colourful, comfi, stylish and you souldn`t have to spend too much on it.
On FashionMia, you can find all kind of cheap womens clothes, nice fabrics and great prices. If you are worried about the measures, you should know they have plus sizes in adition to the normal sizes.
Shipping is fast and it`s free on orders over $79.
So, if you are tired of the same online shops, you should give it a try and find some beautiful fashion clothing. Check out this link for more dresses:

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  1. Wonderful and ravishing outfits. Thanks for sharing this lovely post and adding some knowledge to my wardrobe also as my beach trip is schedules for next month. Lovely post and keep it up..:)


  2. Love the black one ^-^
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!


  3. Hlo,
    Lovely selection!
    The dresse are all so beautiful!Nice photos!


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