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18 June 2015

Cocomelody Summer Pastel Dresses

 According to Vogue, this summer`s choices should be bold and feminine.
According to me, this summer there is a piece of clothing that should be in closet, no matter what: the cocktail dress.
As you know, the cocktail dress is usually short/ knee length or asymmetrical using light fabric with lace or glitery accents. But here is the trick: you can wear it for a party, for a late walk in the park, but it`s still apropriate for a daylight occasion.
Pastel is also a safe way to go, but if you feel a little more adventurous, you can try on some more daring colours that you know can highlight your complection.

Cocomelody cames to the rescue with the inexpensive cocktail dresses 2015 for any budget.

I personaly like the long / floor length dresses, as they look perfect for a beach walk as to a fancy party, too:
If you haven`t checked out Cocomelody until now, here is the link where you can see all the wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and designer dresses.
I myself have a very good opinion about this particular shop, and I recommend it to you, as it`s safe to say Cocomelody really takes care of their customers, offer real photos and active support for shoppers.

Where to shop

For online shopping, just click the link below:

Store location: 

Cocomelody has two stores opened right now: one in California (USA) and one in Netherlands (if you live there, you can make an appoiment and try out all the gorgeous dresses), but they deliver all around the world. Online, you can benefit from some discount codes, for larger orders.


Right now there are some great sales you can benefit from: Party Dresses starting with $29 .  And the best part is that all the dresses are made by Cocomelody and all the photos are REAL, made by Cocomelody, so the product will always look like the picture. The dresses are made-to order, so you choose from standard sizes or custom measurements, as you think it`s best for your silhuette.


There are a variety of payment methods, but you might want to use Visa/Mastercard or paypal, for international payments (they are faster and safer) and the package will arive at your door.

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