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30 April 2015

Shop on the way

The good new for us, online shoppers, is the fact that most online shops offer the possibility to surf on a site from your phone or tablet, but also easy access to make an order.
For thoes who choose to order through an app, there are also some perks.
On Dresslink there is a coupon you can use right now:


I only recently stated to order from my phone myself, mostly because there are some benefits, like discounts or gifts, you can only get by ordering from your phone. 
But it`s easy, you can see the product very well and you have easy access to your account, points, info.
So it`s really ok.

And don`t forget that on Dresslink there is the great deal for you to buy one item at $0.99, the only trick is that you must buy something alse too, but anywhere on the site is ok, no purchase limit.

So.. it`s preatty great.
Go here and check out the $0.99 deals for today:

There are a lot of other good sales right now on Dresslink, as the International Mother`s Day is comming so, go take a look!

As for the app, if you have to shop on the go, just use your phone.
Go here to find out more about the app, or just visit your  App Store

So, tell me, have you ever ordered from an app? 
How did it work for you?

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  1. Telefonul meu nu e asa destept si chiar daca ar fi foarte destept , iarasi nu ar fi bine ca m-ar eclipsa :))

  2. Sper sa lanseze o aplicatie si pentru telefoanele cu Android. ^^


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