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12 February 2014

Dress to Impress: Dressv`s Mermaid Wedding Dresses

I know many of my lovely readers loved the royal blue dress you saw me wearing here, but the price might be a little high, so I deceided to find some great occasion dresses, at the best price on the market.
I know that choosing the perfect special occasion dress might be tricky: it has too be glamorous, but not too flashy; elegant, but not too classical. Plus, you might want to find a dress that really fits you, maybe a custom sized dress. But custom-made dresses are usually so expensive. 
So, I came across Dressv, a great shop if you are looking for a stunning dress! There are so many styles (for every taste), the dresses are custom-made and you have the choice of the colour for every dress. Isn`t that amazing?
Here are the best and cheapest of these lovely dresses:

 This is a  lovely dress with oriental influences and great-glamorous details. And it only $109. 29, three time cheaper than on usual markets!

Another beautiful dress that caught my eye, is this empire tourquoise dress, with indinan inspiration style:
It`s only $111.49, and you can find it in all sizes!

Some of you might prefer mid-length dresses, so I thought this one can be a perfect choice. Remember that all dresses can be made on any colour you`d like:
This is an A-Line dress, that will really flatter your silhoutte. Only $130.39!

I really love the mermaid shaped dresses, and this one is the best! The details are gorgeous and the price is pretty good, only $108.19.

For the Gace Kelly look, you might like this vintage A-Line dress:
What is your favourite Style? 
If you like these dresses, and you want to look great, take a look at the Dressv Mermaid Wedding Dresses! Find all items here:

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