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01 November 2015

Top 10 Wedding Dresses for Fall/ Winter

The Wedding, one of the most important event in someone`s life. You may be only attending, as a guest and a witness of your friends and family happy day, or you may be the lucky bride, but the white dress is the star of the party.

A dress that, you only get to wear once, but will bring you memories for a lifetime.

Why is the wedding dress so special?

Did you know?

  • White is a traditional colour for happyness in Ancient Greek and this is one of the reason for most of the brides today still choose a white wedding dress?
  • The longest bridal train had over 2 km?
  • In some traditions, the wedding dress has to be grey, red or blue?
  • Coco Chanel made the first short wedding dress in the history?
Today, there are a lot of choices for a young bride, from conventional dresses, to vintage dresses. Here is my TOP TEN and you should check out the wedding apparel hot sale of dresswe!

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