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12 December 2014

A Winter Love Story- The Wedding

Did you know that in many parts of the world, Winter is also a Wedding Season?
I think the idea is so romantic! A white dress, a big cake, ice figurines and a beautiful snow background, that`s a day to remember!
For an unforgettable wedding day in december you might consider some great hints:

1. Winter Wedding Decorations:

Here are some actual decorations some people actualy enjoyed at their wedding, take a look!

2. Easy DIY ideas for favours Winter themed

That is the fun part, so you can just use your imagination: personalized candels, easy-home made winter candy, personlized lip balm and other winter essentials! All of them look great and are budget friendly! You can find very good DIY ideas for your wedding on Weddingbee.

3. The Music

You must make Once Upon a December your Wedding song!

4. White Fur

If you decide to wear a white fur overcoat, that`s great, you will look like the snow princess, but you can also use white fur to decorate!

5. Wedding Shoes

You might dream about the Cinderella cristal shoes for your wedding, or the very best thing! Are you looking for the Best Wedding Shoes ever? You might want to tale a look at the different styles of wedding shoes you can find on Weddingshe, this site is amazing!
Lace, pearl or silver shoes- what is your poison of choice?

6. The perfect wedding dress

If you are having a Winter Wedding, you just Must go for a romantic, fabulous, long wedding dress. There are many styles out there, and the best thing about this is that around this time, you can also find very good sales and discounts. You can easily have your dream-dress if you take a look at the very best Wedding Dresses for Sale here:

Take a look at this gallery!

So here are the top 6 reasons you might want to have a Winter Magical Wedding! What`s your imput? What`s your favourite season for a Wedding?

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  1. Fantastic post!
    With a so beautiful selectin of shoes, wedding dresses..and so one, I think I llask to my husband for a second winter wedding!LOL
    I love everything!
    have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Arată foarte bine toate. :D Rochiile sunt superbe. ^^

  3. Vad ca te pregatesti in detaliu ... pe cand evenimentul ? :) sa faci nunta primavara , nici prea cald nici prea frig . Tot ce ne-ai prezentat pare de vis ...

  4. Gorgeous decoration ideas you have shared. I can’t imagine how people spent so many on just decoration part. Well dear I can’t afford such type of decoration, so I am going to hire a décor who can simply decorate the banquet halls in Chicago with balloons and flowers only.

  5. These wedding dresses are truly spectacular and so elegant!


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