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02 April 2017

4 Ideas to make your kids want to play outside

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ou know how kids now days are, you can never stop them playing on their computers, tablets or checking out the phone.
Most parents remember fondly their childhoods playing outside with other kids and sometimes worry that their own children won`t have the same beautiful memories and maybe miss out on a lot of fun.
If you want your children to take an interest in outdoor activities and sports, you might want to know what your child believe it`s cool enought to make them want to spend their time enjoying or even learning something new.

Do you want to be the best parents ever? Here are some really awesome ideas to make your kids have the childhoold memories they will cherish for ever:

1. Inflatable Pool

Almost eveyone has a pool or an inflatable pool in thier back yard. This might not be a big deal. Unless you go big and just get a big one. It`s almost like you have your own spa and game center just outside of your house. Children will love it, and this will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

2. Zorbing games

Zorbing ball have been a thing for a while now. If you go to any amuseament park nowdays, it`s impossible to miss some water or field games involving a zorbing ball. But you can take it a level up and go for a zorbing roller.

You can even combine the previous idea and make your own  water games in the inflatable pool. Check out here, if you want to buy water zorbing online.

3. Gymnastics

Do you want to get your kids into gymnastics? The key is to start young. Everyone knows that gymnastics is a lot of work and no fun. Unless you can make it fun.
Children might enjoy this more, if they get to train at home with their favourite coach: you!
Check out the link bellow, it`s all the equipment you need:
inflatable slide

Are you taking a linking in this idea? It`s also a great activity for you to start with your kids friends. You can make it a school activity, too. There are so many offers out there, as free shipping, sales and really good quality for you to choose from.
.zorb ball

As you know, gymnastics might get dangerous, especially for children, so the air track might be so much better for kids sports. You can teach your daughter cheerleading and your son some sports moves.

I can tell you from my own experience, that I learned gymnastics for some years, as a child, and I used to practice arround the house a lot. That was not that safe, so my parents tried to improvise  some inflatable beach items to make a safe inviroment for me to practice. If only we had these cool gymnastic inflatable equipment then!

Are your children into sports? If not, check out my next outdoor idea!

4. Camping in your back yard

Camping in your background might sounf corny for children now days. But there are some tips for you to make it special. What if you can make an exotic tent with flowers and spa -like background? No one ever said no to pampering.
bubble soccer

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  1. Camping-ul mi se pare o experienta faina, mi-as dori sa incerc, insa nu stiu daca as ”rezista”. De ce zic asta? Eu sunt genul care petrece ore in sir in baie, la dus, aplicand tot felul de creme si tratamente :)

    1. Si la mine timpul petrecut la baie e practic spa& relaxare. Nu mi-ar placea idea de camping. Nu am fost niciodata, dar daca vor copiii... ce nu faci?

  2. Stiu site=ul am scris si eu odata pentru el, am vazut o multime de trambulie iar mingile alea pe apa m-au fascinat total

  3. A swimmingpool!
    That's what I want to buy this summer for my kids!

  4. De aia am inscris-o eu pe a mea la toate cursurile posibile, ca sa-i consume surplusul de energie sa-si descopere talentele si sa-si faca noi prieteni.

  5. Albu Steluța GeorgianaApril 3, 2017 at 12:42 AM

    Idei foarte bune!Și eu incerc sa o 'corup 'pe J a mea cu cât mai multe pentru a sta cât mai mult afara la joaca😉

  6. cred ca tare mi-ar placea sa incerc ideea nr 2, pare super tare si distractiva...asta nu inseamna si ca voi reusi sa-mi tin echilibrul :)

  7. as alege orice solutie din cele prezentate de tine, daca tot e frumos afara, ar fi si pacat sa petrec prea mult timp prin casa. adevarul e ca-mi place sa am activitate!

  8. Nu stiu daca as putea sa ma dau si eu intr-o minge de apa. Imi este frica ca nu cumva sa-mi fie frica sa nu raman fara aer

  9. Sincer.. cred că intr-un balon cu apa m-as da 100%. Doar ca in Romania nu prea am vazut locuri unde se practica de exemplu asta.


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