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14 March 2016

Hairbraids` and Hairstyles` Secrets

Today I`ll tell you some well kept secrets about hairstyles.
During my hairdressing course I`ve learned a lot of suprizing facts about a great hairstyle or braid.

Have you seen beautiful pictures on pinterest or instagram with beautiful braids and hairstyles and tried to make something similiar yourself? It doesn`t really work, does it?
This is beacause a great hairdresser also need great thick hair, also, it`s better if it is really long.
Most people don`t have long think hair. It may be because really long hair is not easy to have and care. So many of us go for shorter hairstyles. Sometimes the hair is pretty damaged because of the dyeing, curling, straithening.

But the big secret is that hairdressers use a lot of tricks to make your hair look amazing, for example, they use a lot of extensions, extension parts and hair sponges.

Most of us use, or have used hair extensions or hair wigs before, just to get the longer or thicker hair look. That`s great, but today I want to show you how many other ways your hair extensions can be used.

When buying hair extensions, there are some great rules:

  1. Please buy the real thing! It`s better quality, it will last longer and it looks more natural. A even better way is if you choose virgin hair, because this hair has never been dyed before, so you can proceed in changing it to the colour you need. That`s the better way to go if you also dye your hair.
  2. Choose hair extensions as long as you can. Human hair extensions will also get spilt ends, will also deteriorate, as your own hair does. You can just cut the dry split ends, as normal. They are also beautiful and it will provide a big change when wearing them.

Why do we want longer hair?

It`s not hard to notice that long hair makes everyone prettier. For some reason, longer hair makes you look  thin. It actually does!!
Hair extensions come with  many parts. You can use all of them, or only some of them. Most of the time, you won`t need to use all the parts. 
Human hair feels lighter, so you won`t feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

But there are other ways to use your hair extensions.

Remeber I just said that you won`t use all the extension parts? 
Here is a great way to use your clip in hair extensions , to make a braid. It`s so simple, that anyone can do it:

How to become creative?

  • Put on your hair extensions as usual;
  • Add jewelry or flowers;
  • Make a braid or a hair bun
Doesn`t it look so fancy?

Where to buy some great cheap hair extensions?

Go to Besthairbuy! This online shop has every style, colour and texture you may desire. Here is what you can get:
  1. Best prices ever!
  2. You can choose between Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian or Indian hair;
  3. They have staight hair, deep curl, body wavy, loose wavy, funmy curly, natural curly;
  4. Ombre hair extensions and ponytails;
  5. They have a lot of hair shades and colours.
They have something called "Secret Hair". This is a piece of weft has a micro loop attached. A completely invisible headband that disappears, stays in place, and blends perfectly with your hair.

My personal favourite is the ombre hair, that comes in different colours, as natural ombre, but also blue, pink and different shades of red.

"Closure Hair" is a collection of specific hair parts usually used by hairdressers to make your hairstyle look thicker and prettier. You can learn to use them, too.

If you are still unsure of what to buy, there are a lot of before and after photos of people wearing the hair extension. For me, it`s a big help to see how hair extensions look on real people, so if a shop shows customer`s photos, it`s a big thumbs up.

Go and check them out!

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